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Fated Souls

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An enemies to lovers tale. 
In the midst of battle, Nalaina and Theoden must decide if the rivalry between their people can be put to an end, but Nalaina has a secret and Theoden isn't who he thinks he is. Can they put the battle aside and join forces to defeat those who wish to keep them apart?

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Excerpt from Fated Souls

Nalaina held her bleeding side as she stumbled up the jagged hillside and fell against the rocky path. Her vision blurred as she stared at the quieting battle below. The meadow was blanketed with fallen warriors. She felt numb from the utter betrayal and her ridiculous decision to trust her heart. 

The crunch of footsteps made her heart race and she dragged herself from the ground to face her attacker. Theoden, the cruel King of Laminka. The man who waged war on her people and took advantage of her trust. She grit her teeth, glaring at his blood stained face and worried sapphire eyes. 

"Nalaina, you're hurt!" he said, rushing toward her.

"Don't," she mumbled, dragging her sword up and pointing at his chest. "I'm going to kill you for what you've done." 

His blue eyes darkened as he swatted the sword from her weak limbs. "Just let me –" 

She drove her fist into his gut and his words choked on his tongue. "No!" she staggered and fell to her knees as blood gushed from her side. 

"Fuck," Theoden wheezed. "We can end this war if you – Nalaina?" he called as he knelt down beside her. 

"Don't...touch me," she murmured as darkness clouded her vision.

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