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How To Marry A War God

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Vik can't remember the Terran that helped him get home, but his heart feels empty. A chance meeting at a Galaxia celebration joggles his memory, but there's more at stake than finding true love. He must make a choice - is duty more important than love?

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Excerpt from How to Marry a War God


I sighed as I stared out into the black sky and the golden glittering Palace floating in the ether. It's the first Galaxia celebration I've attended since my return from Earth a few months ago. I used to love these gatherings but nothing felt right anymore and I felt like I was missing something or someone.

"What's the matter, my son?" my father's boisterous voice pierced through my thoughts. "Are you nervous to see everyone again?"

I looked across the luxury shuttle to my father's russet face and cheerful grey eyes. "No, I'm not nervous."

"Are you sure? You haven't been yourself since you've come back. I thought you'd be excited to see your old friends. What's going on?" 

I heaved a sigh and looked back out the wide glass windows at the landing pad below. "You said I wouldn't remember anything from Earth and I don't, but I feel like I lost something."

"Ah, that feeling will pass. Just give it time," he chuckled. "True love isn't meant for Gods like us. You're a first born and my successor. You've passed your test and soon you'll be the one to lead our people."

I touched a hand over my chest. "But what if it doesn't? Does the Terran feel like this too?"

"The Terran would've forgotten you the moment you left. That feeling will pass. Trust me, your grandfather sent me on the quest too and I felt that pain," he sighed. "You're not like your brothers and sisters. First borns lead a solitary life. That quest was meant to humble you and learn empathy for beings who do suffer the tragedy of love, but you're meant to lead, Viktav. Your duty is to our planet and the people." 

I clenched my hands in my lap. "I know, but how long did you feel like this?"

"Oh I don't know, it was so long ago," he said, sliding a hand over his chin. "I hardly think about it now," he shrugged. "You'll be fine and I think the celebration will be good for you to get back to who you are."

"Maybe," I murmured as the shuttle landed on the opulent golden landing strip. I watched the glittering Gods and Goddesses emerging from their shuttles dressed in the colors of their respective planets. Amun dressed in cascading Jade and gold Juptarian robes, followed by Greygor and my sister, Gisele. Her black horns curled a over ears and her almond hair was draped in – my clenched and I whipped my head to my father. "Since when did Gisele choose to dress in the colors of a Jupe? She's still a Goddess and why isn't she wearing her blades?"

"She's the Juptarian Queen now and she chose to follow their way of life," my father sighed as he stood from his red cushioned seat. "Come on, I'm sure she'll be happy to see you and tell you all about it."

"Mm, she should still wear her blades to honor our ways too," I grumbled following him out of the glass doors of the shuttle.

"Welcome to Galaxia!" The golden skinned cherubs sang as they flitted around us and the many guests ascending the steps of the white and gold Palace that hummed with an ethereal energy. It was a calming enchantment that our gracious hosts Helios and Ceres cast upon their guests to wipe away any misgivings we might harbor for one another.

Galaxia celebrations were meant to be an oasis for Gods and the royalty they chose to accompany them. Marseons didn't believe in the practice of monarchies, my people put their faith in my father to guide them and soon that would be me.

A smile spread across my lips against my own will. I wasn't happy but the damn enchantment tried to steal my troubled sadness. I was meant to be like my father, a solitary War God. I trained all my life to follow in his footsteps, but how could I tell him I didn't know if I wanted to anymore. 

I looked up from the glittering steps as we stepped through the open crystal glass doors of the Palace and the ache in my heart churned at the sight of a Moon Goddess dress in a starlight gown that glowed against her deep brown skin and matched the sparkling diamonds over her bare shoulders. Volana - I've only seen her once before but there was something about her platinum hair braided in a crown around her head and her iridescent eyes. I couldn't put my finger on it. 

Her eyes flickered to me before Selene guided her through  the doors of the ballroom. But that small glance took my mind to a grassy field on a cool summer's night, the smell of sulfur lingered in the air and her soft lips were pressed against mine.

I sucked in a breath to calm my racing heart. What the fuck was that?

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