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I Never Want to Leave Your Side

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An Eyes of the Beholder NSFW short story. 

Miri is struggling with her feelings for Niklaus. She's not like the Queens before her and she fears Niklaus won't understand the darkness she holds. 

After a fiery sparring sessions, Miri and Niklaus find it near impossible to resist their bond pulling them together.

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Excerpt from I Never Want to Leave Your Side

Miri walked to the training arena with two Quillian guards trailing behind her. She needed to think and be away from Nik. This bond between them had been pulsing with need since they tested their powers together.


Why did he want to try that?


She rubbed a hand over her chest. She'd never felt that complete and centered with her power before. Goosebumps ran over her skin at the memory of the glowing tree they created that reached into the heavens. It was stupid and they shouldn’t have done that. It just made the fucking need worse.


Miri shook her head angrily, picking up a wooden staff. They had to complete their bond, but that meant she had to let him see her. Her imperfections and her...darkness.


She growled, hitting her staff against a wooden dummy until it burst into dust. Their ridiculous bond that he forced on them clearly didn’t care that she was tainted and not like the pure Queens before her. It kept gnawing at her and drawing her to him, urging her to open her soul and let him see.


"What are you doing?" Niklaus said in annoyance, crossing his arms as Miri wiped the dust off her face.


"I couldn't sleep, so I came out here," she sighed.


He frowned and looked back at the guards standing at the entrance. "With two guards and not one of them your guardian?"


"I just needed air. I'm fine, I can handle myself." Miri rolled her eyes.


"Prove it," he snarled, snatching the wooden staff out of her hands and throwing it against the stone wall. It cracked and splintered from the force of his anger. "If you can handle yourself, then you'll have no problem beating me."


"Niklaus…" she growled.


"Prove it."

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