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Magicks & Mortals: Volume One

She's a witch, he's a demon.

The DiEdaan Coven and the VonUmbra Clan have ruled the Magics realm side by side for centuries. But when a lesser demon clan becomes tainted by whispers of doubt from the mortal realm  overthrow their peaceful rule and force the DiEdaans into hiding. The VonUmbras wrestle back control from the tainted clan and restore a semblance of peace to the realm.

The DiEdaans slowly take their place back into society and the youngest surviving coven member, Reyna, is sent back to Magics Academy. It's been seven years since she's been around Magics her age.

Will they accept her? Will Lucian remember her? Or will she be shunned and cast aside by her peers who still fear the power the DiEdaans hold.

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Excerpt from Magicks & Mortals

"This is as far as I can take you." A man dressed in a long black cloak, the hood shadowing his face, said to a woman and her small child.

"Thank you, Daivik." She whispered, her bright violet eyes glimmering with starlight tears rolling down her brown cheeks. She looked down at the small hooded figure next to her.

The young girl's hood was pulled slightly back from her head exposing her thick curly starlight hair. Her little cheeks were wet with tears as she stared at the boy across from her.

The boy's crimson eyes were hard on her as he grabbed her hood, pulling it tight over her head to cover her hair.

"You have to keep your hood over your hair, Rey. I'm not going to be around to keep pulling it up for you." He growled.

She nodded, wiping her tears trying to fight the sob rising in her chest.

"K-Kova I don't want to go. I want to stay with you." She cried. 

The boy's hard knitted brows softened, black tears welled in his eyes. He quickly blinked them back, shaking his head, "I don't want you to go either, but it won't be forever. My father will fix this. We'll be together again soon." He said and she crushed him with a hug, her body shaking with tears.

"I'll miss you so much." She mumbled into his chest.

He clenched his eyes shut, squeezing her tight before he pushed away from her and covered her hair with her hood again. "I will too, but you have to be strong Rey. Don't let them catch you."

She shook her head, her violet eyes filling with rage, "I won't." 

"We have to go, Reyna." Her mother said, pulling her away from the young boy as the ground shook from an explosion in the distance.

"Come on, Lucian we have to hurry." Daivik said, taking the boy's hand but he held on tight to Reyna's not ready to let her go.

Their parents looked at each other worry etched in their eyes as the sounds of the roaring demons grew louder around them.

"Stay safe, but you need to run Sienna!" Daivik growled as they grabbed their children around their waists pulling them away from each other.

"We'll always find each other Rey. Don't forget that!" He yelled as his father ripped him away from her.

"Kova!" She screamed, reaching for him as her mother ran with purpose through the trees.

"I know baby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Sienna cried holding her head down as she ran to catch up with their coven. 

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