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Me Too

When NADIA COLEMAN crashes into the cold and aloof CEO, LUCA SHOLA. She’s embarrassed by her calamitous first impression and he’s not amused by her either.

Until they meet again on the dance floor and they can’t deny the intoxicating pull they feel for each other.  


But, they’ve got secrets to hide and there’s no place for love in their lives.

Nadia’s determined to rid her life of a man that's abused her by destroying the secret society that’s allowed him the freedom to do so.

Luca’s tied to an abusive woman of his grandfather’s choosing while being groomed as the next leader of the Syndicates.

The more Nadia and Luca learn about each other, the more their lives become entangled, but for two people scarred by trauma, can they find the strength in themselves to hold on to each other and the love blossoming between them?

Me Too is an interracial romance filled with comedy, suspense and subtle hints of the Myth of Hades and Persephone sprinkled amongst the pages of this sweet love story.

Excerpt from Me Too

Nadia cursed under her breath as she ran up the grey stone steps to the entrance of a towering black mirrored building. She pushed through the revolving glass doors, her heels clicking against the swirling black and grey-tiled floor to the bank of elevators at the far end of the spacious lobby. The decadent scent of fresh coffee wafted through her nose as she passed the little canteen near the oval receptionists’ station. If she hadn't woken up late, misplaced her keys and her purse, she might've had a moment to indulge in the cup of coffee she so desperately needed. She tore her gaze away from the canteen and picked up her pace through the few employees littering the lobby to the elevator.


"Hold the - Ah!" she screamed as her damn heel caught in the fold of the pristine black and gold Shola Enterprises embossed rug. Her arms flailed as she flew forward through the doors and crashed into the hard chest of the unsuspecting man in her path.


"What the hell?" A deep voice grumbled as they slammed into the wall behind them and the elevator doors closed with a soft ding.


Nadia caught her breath and slowly looked up at the black suited man she fell into. He was so tall. She barely reached his broad shoulders in her three-inch heels and–oh dear. A fire burned over her cheeks and her throat dried up as she stared at the man’s tawny chiseled face and glaring golden gaze. "I...I am so sorry! I'm so clumsy," she laughed nervously and pushed out of his arms.


"It's fine. Just look where you're going next time," he said, straightening his suit and smoothing a hand over his short midnight hair. "Are you alright?"


"Yeah.” She cringed at her impeccable ability to make a fool of herself. “I'm sorry again." 


"It’s okay,” he grumbled, moving around her. “What floor are you going to?" he said with his hand poised over the control panel, waiting for her answer.


She frowned. "Um…" She laughed. "I'm having a brain fart. I can't remember what floor I'm supposed to work on." 


He sighed and checked the onyx watch on his wrist. "What department do you work for?"


Her cheeks burned up to her ears at his dry, disinterested tone. He clearly wasn’t the type to find humor in her mishaps. Great. Not only was she running late, but she’d already annoyed the first person she’d met. "Um, marketing and investments. Cameron Ramirez is my boss." At least she remembered that.


His eyes widened. Just a little, but enough to show he was a bit more interested in what she’d said. “You're the new International rep, Nadia Coleman, right?” he said and pressed the number six on the panel. “Cameron wouldn't stop talking about you yesterday.”


She nodded. “Yes, that’s me. So, what do you do here?” 


He raised a thick black eyebrow and scoffed. "Not a good start that you don't know who the CEO is." 


"Oh my God," she said, and slid a hand over her mouth. She’d studied Shola Enterprises enough that she should’ve immediately recognised his handsome features that were slapped on nearly every business and investment magazine. "You're Luca Shola. I'm an idiot. I promise I'm not normally this clumsy or forgetful." 


A smug grin tugged at his lips. "Something tells me you are this clumsy, but the forgetfulness is probably because you have a hangover." 


She choked out a laugh. How the hell did he know that? 


“This is your floor, Miss Coleman." The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, much to her relief to get away from him and this very awkward moment. “Get yourself a cup of coffee,” he said as he dug his hand in his pocket and held out a small packet of ibuprofen to her. "I expect to see good things from you."


"Yes, Mr. Shola,” she said and took the offered painkillers. Her fingers grazed his warm skin and sent a tingle up her arm from the faint touch. “Thank you." 


Nadia stepped off the elevator and stared at the tablets in her hand. She laughed as she slipped the medicine in her pocket. What a way to start her first damn day?

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