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Eli B's novels are a mix of fantasy and contemporary romance tales told through the eyes of black women and their salacious love interests. Browse through the list of titles below and feel free to read a few excerpts!


Me Too

An interracial love story filled with comedy, suspense and subtle hints of the Myth of Hades and Persephone about two people scarred by trauma and learning to trust and love one another.  

Release date: 5th November 2021

The Beast of Stornoway

When beauty meets her beast - a modern retelling of a classic story with one major twist...this story isn't for sweet little girls.

Read it for free on Wattpad!

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A Muse Her Cover.png

A Muse Her

Mateo has a terrible, awful crush on Maia Jefferies, the painfully beautiful best-selling novelist who lives next door, but he promised himself he'd never fall for the kindness of a woman like her. Not again. He's been down that road and was left looking like a fool with a broken heart for someone who only wanted him for fifteen minutes of fame. But God, Maia's sultry brown eyes, thick thighs and infectious laughter has him breaking that promise when she asks him to be her muse.


After a bad break-up with the man she thought was her Prince Charming, Maia's novels have lost their magic, at least to her and now she's struggling to bust out her latest book. However, being around her neighbor, Mateo, seems to be doing the trick to break her writing slump. Desperate to do anything to finish her book on time, she hires him as her muse to keep her ideas flowing. And as those ideas flow, Maia starts to realize Mateo feels like more than a friend and Mateo realizes his feelings for Maia are much more than a crush.


But when Maia's ex comes crawling back and Mateo's past rears its head, the two will have to face the feelings they've been trying to ignore or risk losing the love they've been looking for all along.


This is the first book of a two-part series and follows the journey of Jazmine Le Matise, a young author who values her independence above all else. That is, until a demon, the King of the Demons, begins to hunt her and she needs her soulmate to protect her...

Read it for free on Wattpad!

Magicks and Mortals V1.png

Magicks & Mortals: Volume One

She's a witch, he's a demon.

The DiEdaan Coven and the VonUmbra Clan have ruled the Magics realm side by side for centuries. But when a lesser demon clan becomes tainted by whispers of doubt from the mortal realm they over throw their peaceful rule and force the DiEdaans into hiding.

Read it for free on Wattpad

Eyes of the Beholder

Miri's eyes were stolen from her. She's been hiding in plain sight for most of her life living as a farmer with her dear friend Gibran. Her comfortable world is shattered when a man by the name of Niklaus saves them from a group of bandits on their journey home.

Miri must decide what's more important - her quiet life as a farmer or the lives of the people she was born to protect?

Only available on Patreon!

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