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Happy Monday Little Bees!

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about reviews. I’ve been reviewing Wattpad authors for a few months now and while it takes me a bit to get through them, I really enjoy doing it. There are some fabulous writers on that platform and I truly enjoy giving advice and feedback.

I work with a group of reviews on a discord server called The Treasure Chest Community. I’m also a Muse (Mentor) on another server called Olympus. We all volunteer our time to support and review writers. We love doing this type of work!

We have a rubric we use for prose and poetry which scores writers on their cover, title, blurb, grammar/spelling, character development, plot development and overall enjoyment. It’s a pretty thorough review. (see the prose review template below)

I’ve also started reviewing self-published authors as well. My first novel I’m reviewing is Red Viper and the Vampire War by Des M. Astor (a lovely pen name, I might add).

If you’d like me to review your work or you’d like more information on the discord servers I’m part of, feel free to message me on the contact page.

As always, thank you so so much for reading!

Eli B.

Review Form Template







Title 0/5:

Cover 0/5:

Blurb 0/5 :

Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling 0/15:

World building/Descriptions 0/10:

Plot Development/Pacing/Chapter Structure 0/20:

Character Development 0/20:

Originality 0/10:

Enjoyment/Hook 0/10:

Total Score: 0/100


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