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Thank you, Patrons!

Happy Sunday Little Bees,

I am blow away that in less than 24hrs of launching my Patreon page I have 15…FIFTEEN patrons!!! I’m so humbled and honored by this! I just wanted to write a post to thank each of you!

I can’t wait to go on this wonderful journey with all of you! It might get a little crazy at times, but it’s definitely going to be fun. I have so many amazing things planned for us on patreon. Polls, loyalty gifts, more WIPs and of course supporting all of you on my Loyal Bee tier with your own original stories.

Here are the amazing people who have decided they love my work so much they’re willing to pay for it! I’m honored, I truly am:


Skyesabove143 ❤

Z. Hudson 🌟

T. Immanuel ❤

Tiana ❤

D. Ad ❤

A. Silas ❤

D. Nyirinkwaya ❤

K. Lewis 🌟

Ladynbvb ❤

Kyondra 🌟

M. Barnes 🌟

R. Ingram 🌟

S. Jones ❤

Sheyla ❤

S. Raquel ❤

If you’d like to become a patron of Eli Bee’s Blurbs please check out me page here:

Again, thank you so much Little Bees! As always thank you so so much for reading and supporting my work!

Eli B ❤🐝

#Patreon #Thankyou

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