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The Tribe

I've been looking for a place to collaborate, talk to and just vent with other BIPOC writers. I'm in a few writing communities but I felt as though there wasn't a specific place for writers like me to talk about specific issues that face us in the self/indie or trad publishing places. I'd asked around in groups like the Black Card Members (which is an amazing space for BIPOC creators) if they knew of any writing groups/communities for BIPOC authors and I didn't really find what I was looking for. I also asked in the writing community on Twitter if anyone knew of any spaces to collab. Again I found nothing.

So, I decided to create the space myself! I created The Tribe - A BIPOC writing community on discord. We are currently 30 members strong and counting. We tend to discuss everything from the discouraging feeling of the publishing industry and spaces like Wattpad where we don't feel we're given the same opportunities as our white counterparts and then we have hilarious and uplifting convos about our hair types and how to care for them.

We also have a lively NSFW chat for anyone who's 18+ and we've started our first NSFW awards which is a lighthearted - yet steamy - competition to help hone our craft on our smutty writing skills.

We welcome anyone who's BIPOC and we're a very inclusive group it's an LGBTQ+ and Trans safe space, so if this is something you're into and you'd like to join we're always open for new members!

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