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Short Stories

Sometimes I write a few short stories. It's not often that I'm able to limit my word count, but when I do...sometimes these little snippets really come to life!

Moon Goddess.png

How To Date A Moon Goddess

Available on Patreon & Wattpad

Vee has been sent to Earth as punishment to learn humility and correct her devious behavior, but the only way to get home is to find her true love in a Terran. She's been on 30+ dates and she's no closer to finding the one. Will her next date be the Terran she needs?

How To Marry A War God

Available on Patreon & Wattpad

Vik can't remember the Terran that helped him get home, but his heart feels empty. A chance meeting at a Galaxia celebration joggles his memory, but there's more at stake than finding true love. He must make a choice - is duty more important than love?

How To Date.png
Fated Souls.png

Fated Souls

Available on Patreon

An enemies to lovers tale. 
In the midst of battle, Nalaina and Theoden must decide if the rivalry between their people can be put to an end, but Nalaina has a secret and Theoden isn't who he thinks he is. Can they put the battle aside and join forces to defeat those who wish to keep them apart?

Fated Souls.png

I Never Want to Leave Your Side

Available on Patreon

An Eyes of the Beholder NSFW short story. 

Miri is struggling with her feelings for Niklaus. She's not like the Queens before her and she fears Niklaus won't understand the darkness she holds. 

After a fiery sparring session, Miri and Niklaus find it near impossible to resist their bond pulling them together.

God is a woman.png

God is a Woman - Don't F*ck with Her Nature

Available on Patreon

Humans are in dire need to save their world from destruction of their own making. Two scientists have found DNA in a rare plant that could be the answer to humanity's problems. They gather a team and take off to the rainforests of Brazil in search of their salvation but what they find isn't what they were expecting.

And what they take...well, may God have mercy on their souls.

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