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The Beast of Stornoway

When beauty meets her beast - a modern retelling of a classic story with one major twist...this story isn't for sweet little girls.

'Keep the Blarcum name strong.'

That is LORD VAN BLARCUM's duty and his curse. All his life he's been groomed to carry on the Blarcum legacy. He lives under his mother's rule, and he does as she pleases to protect the one thing he loves most: his manor. He doesn't care for the legacy or the empire. He prefers his isolated life on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis. His manor and his horses are all he needs.

Until she walks into his life...

AMANI BLAKE wants adventure. She's dreamt of seeing the rolling hills of the Highlands since she was a child, but she's stuck. She let her mother's fears keep her in the same place she's always been. After an explosive encounter with her employer, Amani has enough. She quits her job and takes her life into her own hands. A lucky search on LinkedIn has her accepting a position as an assistant to a Lord in Stornoway, Scotland.

Will Lord Blarcum learn to love something more than his manor and be the adventure Amani didn't know she was looking for? Or will duty stand in the way of affairs of the heart? 

Excerpt from The Beast of Stornoway


Everyone bowed when Lord Blarcum emerged from the house. Amani's eyes grew wide as she took in the formidable man. His rugged features were so dark, save for his bright green eyes and the flecks of blonde in his wavy, cinnamon shoulder length hair.

His shoulders were wide and broad. The muscles in his arms strained against the dark green button up shirt that was rolled up to his elbows, showing off his sun-kissed forearms. The shirt laid perfectly against his lean, sinewy body. It tucked neatly into a pair of black slacks, that gently hugged his thick thighs. He was built more like a laborer than a pampered Lord.

Amani's heart thumped hard in her chest. He was handsome in pictures, but they didn't do this man any justice. He looks like a fucking God.

Sweet Jesus, keep it together, Amani. He is your boss and completely out of your league.

Her throat felt dry all of a sudden.

Calm your damn heart, girl. She scolded herself, desperately trying to stop her rapid heartbeat and create some damn saliva in her mouth!

"Lord Blarcum, I'd like you to meet your new assistant, Miss Amani Blake." Amani was pulled out of her stupor by his introduction.

She blushed, realizing she shouldn't be gawking at him. She was a staff member; she should be bowing! She reviewed proper etiquette before she got here and she'd already messed it up.

"Mister-L-Lord Blarcum, it-it's an honor to be here," She stuttered, clenching her eyes shut as she bowed to him. She groaned internally. She already sounded like a fucking idiot!

Amani! Come on, be cool. You got this.

She let out a slow breath. If she wanted to keep this job and stay on this beautiful manor, she had to keep her emotions in check.


Amani Blake looked nothing like the picture in her employment file. Van couldn't help but stare at the beauty in front of him. Her mane of thick dark curls framed her honey-brown face and big brown eyes. They were like two pools of warm cinnamon and honey.

She wasn’t dressed like a typical assistant either. Her dark denim jeans curved over her thick thighs, and she wore a light blue Detroit Lions T-shirt that would look plain on anyone else. But on her, the shirt showed off her small waist and voluptuous bosom. He barely heard Benny introduce her to him, but his ears perked up at the sound of her beautiful accent.

"Mister-L-Lord Blarcum, it-it's an honor to be here," she said, clenching her eyes shut as she bowed to him. He cringed at the sound of her addressing him so formally. He definitely didn't like that she bowed to him either.

This will not do. 

He walked down the steps toward her. He took her chin, lifting her face to look at him. "Miss Blake, never bow to anyone, especially not to me," he said and quickly realized what he'd just done. He let go of her and swiftly turned away to disappear inside the manor.

Bloody hell. What was that?

'Never bow to anyone, especially not to me.' What was his problem? He sighed, jogging up the stairs to his room. He yanked the door open and shrugged his shirt over his head. He snatched a faded black T-shirt out of his drawer and sighed again.

He had never felt an urge to stop someone from bowing to him, or cringe when someone addressed him by his title. He slipped the shirt over his head, but it didn't feel right for her to do that. He shook his head, looking at himself in the mirror. He pointed his finger at his reflection. "Get your shite together," he growled.

He didn’t feel things for people, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to start now. She was his assistant, and those feelings he felt were nothing. She was just a pretty face. That was it. He closed the door to his room and made his escape into the fields. He would make minimal contact with Miss Blake. Only when it was absolutely necessary. Otherwise, he would stay far away from those damn eyes.

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